Te Māhuri - promotes engagement with Te Ao Turoa (the natural world) and enriches connection to Wāhi Māori (sites of significance). Self and others. The cultural framework adds a strong platform to connect with their iwi and an enhanced connection to Ngāi Tahu through the Te Māhuri framework.

Purapura Whetu is a working partnership with adventure specialties trust to support whānau to flourish through exploration of the natural environment. Te Māhuri provides an opportunity for rangatahi to experience the outdoors and develop a connection to themselves and their peers within a whānau environment.


Whānau ora is supporting whānau and families to achieve your aspirations in life. Whānau Ora is a health initiative that places Whānau at the centre of decision making, allowing you to use your own skills, knowledge, and experience in collaboration with personalized support they receive. Whānau Ora applies all aspects of Te Ao Māori to Hauora and wellbeing.

In the Te Māhuri programme, Whānau Ora shows in the way each Rangatahi is viewed as an individual. The rangatahi are encouraged to take the skills and knowledge they learn during the Te Māhuri programme back to their individual Whānau environments.

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Ngāi Tahutanga is the common inherited identity of the Ngāi Tahu iwi. Ngāi Tahu is the southern most iwi of Aotearoa. The tribe has a vibrant history and connection with the southern lands and seas. Ngāi Tahutanga is the collection of this knowledge, the language, the whakapapa and tikanga of the Ngāi Tahu People.

During the Te Māhuri programme, we observe Ngāi Tahutanga as we visit various Waihi Māori (sites of significance) around canterbury. As we visit it is important to observe the history of these sites.


Te Ao Māori means The Māori Worldview. Te Ao Māori encourages the interconnectedness and interrelationship between all living and nonliving things. In the Te Māhuri programme Te Ao Maori is the lens through which we view all our activities.

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Te Au Turoa means connection to the natural environment. Te Ao Turoa is a prevalent part of Māori culture and history. The connection to the natural environment of Aotearoa is vital to Māori cultural identity. Therefore the health of that natural world and the mana of Māori people are linked and learning to value and promote sustainability is vital to our own hauora.

In Te Māhuri, Te Ao Turoa is implemented by showing our rangatahi to value and respect the environments they visit across the programme. Across the programme the rangatahi visit bush, water, plains and many other environments.


Mahina Kai is the natural resources that promote and sustain life. This could be fish that swim in our rivers and lakes, birds or other animals or edible plants that we can find throughout the natural world. Mahina Kai is tied to many aspects of Māori identity, as Kai is tied to mana and manaakitanga and being able to host guests with kai is an important show of hospitality and respect. Mahina Kai is tied into these concepts as ancestors had to collect produce in order to complete these practices.

In Te Māhuri you will learn the connection between Kai and Te Au Turoa, learning about natural resources available in the environments you visit. Whether that is creatures such as fish or birds or plants to be foraged and harvested.

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Te Pūtake is the foundation of our young rangatahi. Te Pūtake means to have a strong foundation from which you can draw strength when facing new challenges. Improving Te Pūtake enhances your mana and responsiveness, making you more capable as a leader.

In the Te Māhuri programme, rangatahi are offered chances to improve Te Pūtake every week. In the activities we engage in, the rangatahi are often encouraged to step up into leadership positions. The Kaimahi of the programme approach it with the view of working alongside the rangatahi on tasks as opposed to constantly leading.


Mana Tangata refers to the power and status gained through your leadership talents, strength of character, your basic human rights, or your birthright.

Mana Tangata is the power gained through stepping up as a leader and a self-determined person. Mana Tangata is a foundation of Te Ao Māori and Hauora.

In Te Māhuri we implement Mana Tangata by offering rangatahi opportunities to lead and have their say. When these opportunities are seized, we come to see ourselves more as leaders and our mana is enhanced.

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